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you're plant based not vegan though right? because it's for health? not animal?

no, i’m vegan. i chose veganism for my health. but aside from diet, i use cruelty free products and don’t wear wool/silk/animal products because i chose the vegan lifestyle, i have been since january 1st, 2014 :) going on 10 months, best decision of my life. i am so much healthier and happier. idk how other people define themselves, but this is how i do it. i’m vegan and i follow all the things people do in a vegan lifestyle, what brought me to lifestyle is different than others who came to this for morals/ethics/animal rights but i’m still vegan.


Eating animals is a huge contributor to world hunger. It takes 16 pounds of grain to produce one pound of beef, and only one pound of grain to produce one pound of bread. “By cycling our grain through livestock and into beef, we end up with only 6 percent as much good available to feed human beings as we would have if we ate the grain directly.” #govegan

7 Foods to Buy When You’re Broke



Article here

Brown Rice



Green Vegetables

Frozen Vegetables

Peanut butter

Protein bars

Hey, whowuddathunk that the cheapest foods are all plant-based? *big vegan grin*

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This is Maya, daughter of @dehappy5_mama I am happy to share her amazing testimony from following a raw vegan diet. “After struggling with terrible eczema and allergies for most of her life, my 8 years old daughter recovered completely within only 5 months on high carb raw vegan diet. She has a condition called leaky gut caused by candida overgrowth that she had since born. Years of other treatments and diets gave no results and even worsen her eczema till the point shown on left photo. At the beginning there was about three months of hard detox and from then she started to heal beautifully to be a healthy and happy girl today. She still has little patches and scars, but healing slowly every day. Her two younger brothers had milder eczema and all three of them are clear skin today”. Follow @dehappy5_mama for more information and inspiration! ——————————————————
Ella es Maya, hija de @dehappy5_mama estoy feliz de compartir su increíble testimonio al llevar una dieta crudivegana. “Después de lidiar con terrible eczema y alergias durante la mayor parte de su vida, mi hija de 8 años de edad se recupero completamente dentro de solo 5 meses llevando una dieta cruduivegana alta en carbohidratos. Ella tiene una condición llamada leaky gua causada por crecimiento excesivo de cándida desde nacimiento. Años de dietas y otros tratamientos no dieron ningún resultado e incluso empeoran su eczema hasta el punto que se muestra en la foto izquierda. Al principio hubo síntomas de desintoxicación por tres meses y desde entonces empezó a desaparecer. Hoy Maya es una chica sana y Feliz” Sigan and dehappy5_mama para saber más sobre su historia e inspiración! 😄👏🙌 #rawvana


I did the math and realized that in 11 days of school and work. I have spent 138.86 on coffee and food. That is unacceptable! Being at school or work for 13 hours a day makes it hard to eat I don’t have a fridge or a place to keep food cold.  I really have to focus and pre plan ways to eat from home. Or only have an allowance for certain amounts of money a week. I bet i’m going a crap ton of wait and i’m always exhausted. Any advice tumblr?

nature’s ultimate fast food; fruit. just grab whole fruits and put them in a hard-sided container (to prevent bruising) and it’ll be a perfect go-to cheap food. usually in cafeterias fruit is like a dollar a piece but at the grocery store is much cheaper.
rice and bean dishes doesn’t need to be refrigerated, and is super cheap
good luck!:)


Why aren’t most prolife people vegan?

prolife and vegan here :) and i ask myself the same thing. 
but also why aren’t most prochoice people vegan if they respect an individual’s right to their body? :/ people make me sad


Worldcrunch reports a historic change in Palitana, an Indian city, which has become the first all-vegetarian city in the world.
Behind this revolutionary change are the Jain monks who went on a hunger strike to pressure the state of Gujarat to outlaw animal slaughter in their city. The hunger strike was successful and the Gujarat government imposed a ban on animal slaughter and outlawed the sale of meat and eggs.
About 5 million people in India practice Jainism and agree with the ban.
Virat Sagar Maharaj, a Jain monk, says, “Everyone in this world - whether animal or human being or a very small creature - has all been given the right to live by God.”
As individuals, the best thing you can do to protect animals is to adopt a kind vegan lifestyle. For more information and tips for transitioning to a vegan diet, check out


I need radical feminist vegans in my life everyone else is fucking clouded and delusional… reblog this if you’re a vegan rad-fem and I’ll follow you

Weird Side Effects Of These Common Foods

just some food science fun


things i need to remember

  • yes i was skinnier
  • no i was not happier
  • no i did not feel more confident
  • no i was not a “fragile princess”
  • no my problems were not all solved
  • no people did not congratulate me on my weight loss
  • yes i lost almost all my friends
  • yes i spent hours crying about how “fat” i felt
  • yes i hated my life
  • yes i looked like i was dying
  • yes i felt like i was dying
  • yes i was dying
  • the end

holyshit relevant

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Eat to Live by Joel Fuhrman

so i worked on finishing reading this book today. i’d started this many months ago but life got in the way of living life and i’d set it down.

pros to this book:
promotes veganism/plant based diets from a science perspective, very raw and truthful. meaning, it doesn’t discuss animals as sentient beings because it focuses on the human physiology and nutritional science, 
it really gets me to eat more greens, like it puts the importance of vegetables higher than i’ve seen on high carb diets from my internet explorations
discusses the many diseases people have (diabetes, heart disease, autoimmune disorders, etc) and how to CURE them
it written by a medical doctor who has experience and education and backs up every statement with evidence and/or logic

cons to this book:
it was written in 2006 and although that’s relatively recent, much science has progressed since then so i feel like it’s missing out on some things, but it is still highly relevant as it talks about Atkins and Bloody Type Diet etc.
it recommends 1,200 calories for women….that enough makes my blood boil
it allows animal consumption in small quantities because Dr. Fuhrman realizes food involves tradition and taste and personal preference…but like it also praises the health benefits of fish for omega 3’s…ew.

aside from my few complaints above, i can’t begin to say how awesome the positives of this book are! many more positives than i have listed above, it’s definitely a must read!!!

People like Brittani are the reason i am SUPER PASSIONATE ABOUT VEGANISM 



This video is for all of the people sending me messages about how cancer cannot be cured through diet. seriously just stop, you do not realize how uneducated and brainwashed you are. please watch this video ok thanks bye